Hi there, 

My name is Maya, my alluring natural curves reside in Los Angeles most of the year but I love to travel as often as I can; check out my calendar to see where I will be.
I have a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and being an artist means I see the world through a different and creative eye. I’ve learned to observe and absorb my surroundings to see the beauty in everything and find inspiration everywhere. I am always trying to learn new things, whether it be a new language (currently trying to brush up on my Arabic), a new creative outlet, or just taking a long walk while listening to a podcast and absorbing everything the city has to offer. My thirst for adventure has my passport almost filled up, I love to experience new cultures and also try to go back to my roots in the Middle East as often as I can. 
I can easily go from casually dressed in yoga pants and a tank top during the day to a gown and Louboutins at an upscale establishment at night. I am always manicured and elegant, maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is very important to me. You may classify me as a ‘high end companion’ but I am far from stuck up. Although I love living in a big city, I come from a small town and still hold true to those values. My close family and friends describe me as a compassionate, ambitious, passionate and down to earth person. My clients have described me as beautiful, sweet, and one of a kind. More often than not, they enjoy my company so much they will come back time and time again to create a deep and unique bond, one that transcends the mind and body. 
I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, and much like experiencing a new culture, I think getting to know someone on a deeper level is one of my favorite things on earth. I desire real and genuine connections as opposed to the superficial. I want our time to be focused on forgetting the stressful world we leave behind when we are together. I want you to leave feeling inspired, relaxed, and in a state of ultimate bliss. 

Please feel free to explore my website and get to know more about me, I will kindly ask you to fill out my screening form if you would like to book an appointment with me. 

Can’t wait to meet you